Thought Processes of Ace Photographers Before They Hit the Shutter by Nitin Khanna

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Any person can succeed in the photography journey, provided he is passionate about it and has a Smartphone or any device with a good camera. There are great deals of factors that come into play for an individual to be transformed from a hobbyist photographer to a pro photographer, such as getting the right training/education, equipment, approaches, etc.

However this piece of article will not focus on the practical aspects of becoming a good photographer, I will attempt to get into the head of professional photographers and try to discover how they stand out from the rest in terms of their thought processes.

Below given are some of the thought processes that make them a successful photographer:

1. Click without fear
This is certainly the most common thought processes that successful photographers think before a professional shoot. They are fearless when it comes to performing their duties. Instead of worrying about the work, successful photographers stay free from the fear and welcome the opportunity to showcase their prowess. They program their minds to tone down the anxiety to levels where it doesn’t hinder with their work.

2. Stay Open-minded
Experienced photographers go into photoshoots with an open mind. They understand that photography is a dynamic field which can’t be approached with a closed mindset. This allows them to try things that are out of the norm. They may follow fundamental principles of pro photography at each professional shoot by trying different settings, taking random shots that were not scheduled, following subject, etc. This open nature is one of the main reasons why they get ahead faster.

3. Highly confident
They stay in a state of extreme confidence before every shoot. Their invaluable experience allows them to trust their photography abilities. This self-belief makes them open-minded and fearless before any shoot. They know they are good at their skills so, they don’t worry about messing up the shoot.

4. Goal focused
Goals are the measurable outcomes of any event. Professionals usually set target of the number of photos they want to capture and the time they want to devote to a particular photoshoot. They may also set technical goals like: lighting and angle, to increase their chances of drawing out the best.

5. Originality in mind
Creativity and uniqueness plays very important role in this profession. Their mind is focused on capturing the exceptional aspects of the subject. This is why they let their subjects relax and be themselves. They do not copy the styles of other professionals and focus on what they are comfortable with and what makes them different. They know their exclusivity and don’t compromise it for anything.

6. Readiness
They plan sequence of all photo-shoots carefully. They know the type of cameras and lights to use and the best subject angles to capture. Their mind stay prepared for all aspects and steps of the photo-shoot even before it begins.

7. Good understanding of the subject and the settings
Before pressing their shutters, they love to get thorough understanding of their subjects and the settings. They know that it takes more than a good camera to capture perfect pictures, which is why they press the shutter button after understanding everything.

8. Look for nothing less than perfection
Their purpose is to get it right regardless time, effort and cost. Their perfectionist mindset is a very powerful tool, which let them get rid of mental barriers that usually appear in the way of success. They go for photoshoots having their minds ready that they won’t stop at anything until they get everything right and perfect.

In a nutshell, the above information describes some of the most significant aspects of the psychology of the ace photographers before they press their shutter. If you are ready to get into this profession, then let these thought processes run through your mind.

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