Does Every Photographer Need An Online Portfolio

Photos by Nitin Khanna

The simple answer is…Yes! Whether you are a photographer, entertainer, artist, event planner, PR specialist or engineer, you should have an online portfolio to have an online presence showing your work.

If you are dreaming of a career as a professional photographer, then right guidance, skills, practice, network, and portfolio can make your dream come true. Even if you don’t consider photography seriously for your career, having an online portfolio let people know that you take photography passionately, and you enjoy doing it.

Selecting a portfolio design that fits your style will help display your photography in a unique fashion. Your site allows you to get creative in how the pictures are exhibited on the page, and in which order they appear.

So, keep utilizing social media tools to post a few of your best on your social profile page, then link them to your site to have audience view more. This will make readers more likely to see your other work too.

1. Let Your Followers have an At-a-Glance Look at Your Work: The thing about Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ or any other social photo sharing platform, is you post and post again. An online portfolio allows you curate what your followers see, letting them dribble over your best work.

2. Give Your Work a Self-Critique: By only posting your best work on social platforms, you continually get to know about your fans respond. This lets you know how you are evolving as a photographer and after a while, this will help you improve and let you take your photography skills to the next level.

3. Define Yourself as a Photographer: The online portfolio isn’t just about sharing photos. It is about sharing who you are and how you have grown as an artist. This can be shown in your portfolio’s design, in your “about” page text and in your photo selections. This will eventually help you brand yourself; make you popular for a certain style in everything you do.

Developing the essential skills required to be a professional photographer is one thing and maintaining an online presence is another.

It cannot easily be summed up in a single blog post. If you are like most artists, who are not sharing their art pieces on social platforms, then it is the high time for you to create your professional online portfolio. As your referral network grows, so will your business.