Earn a lot of money this year by pursuing Photography Profession

Earn a lot of money this year by pursuing Photography Profession

Photography is a crazy profession in which one can stay truthful to moral values, roots as well as ethics. Besides this, one can make money and become a rich person in his life. Some pursue it as their hobby and few as their profession. In order to bring advancement from your hobby to a profession, you need to follow out some very important steps. The basic things you can do to learn photography is you need to figure out how to start making money.

I, Nitin Khanna, want to discuss with you several methods how to make money in photography online. Below are some of the tips:

Selling of Stock Pictures

With ages, stock photography grew in a very fast manner and it is a very easy method to make money by spending just a little amount. These pictures are utilized up by the advertising agencies, several websites, publications and many more. So, you can sell them out in order to earn the profit on some level. That’s why; I would suggest shooting those pictures that are not yet covered.

Selling of an e-Book

The second method of sharing your information related to photograph is by writing and selling an e-Book. So, just explore out very well in order to see what is already being present before taking any kind of decision on any particular subject. There are various known platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and many more which create a possibility to get a title in the online stores that are popular ones.

Selling a traveling guide eBook

If you have a lot of pictures of just one particular location may be because you traveled over there or you are living there, then you can put together a guide of traveling in order to sell as an e-Book. You can give an inclusion of the pictures of all the locations that are must to be seen along with that of few traveling tips.

Selling of printed coffee-table style book

You can even sell out the coffee-table style photograph book having the characteristic of your own images. There are various excellent platforms for doing so such as Blurb.com and many more.

Selling of Prints

When you are selling online, it does not mean that you are just selling out digital goods. There is an opportunity to sell out the prints as well. Also, you can make up your website and do the selling through a proper service.

Pave your own Path

Remember one thing; it may take around a long duration so as to build up a career in photography. Keep yourself easy going the whole way. So, if in life you are interested in pursuing a photography profession; there is no need to take the beaten path. Just combine out the outside interests and explore enough how sufficient amount of money can be earned to live a life. Then, in the end, ask a question to yourself – Why you want to choose photography as a profession? Then again ask yourself five more times so as to figure out to take a right decision in life. So, be strong enough for this bold step!

Things You Can Do To Earn Money as a Photographer This Year

In this universe, there are two types of individuals such as some pursuing monotonous jobs and others are just who dig it. In this blog, I will express out some of the most proven secrets to make more money as a photographer and step ahead your company game.

Earn Money as a Photographer

Photograph out small enterprises:

In this year, a business without any website is just like comparing a weekend without a lie-in. Whether there are restaurants, hotels or yoga teachers; all require an online digitized platform which is required to stuff with awesome pictures. This is the time when you reach and give for photographing some stores, offices and teams. But the main thing is that how do you search for it? Firstly its being in the real life. For this, you can have a walk around your surroundings and speak up with the company owners in a normal manner about what they are doing, and how do they help out in gaining more customers with attractive images. Bring a tablet or a PC to show up your online work so that a trust factor is developed among everyone.

Charge of more amounts:

Workshop is the most awesome factor for gaining more and more money because these days individuals are more of interested in experiences and they want to learn. There are people who are more of interested in learning for making better photographs. Also, there are lots of rich people who are there for having work experience. They don’t care about spending bulk of money on an expensive camera. Only thing they want in their lives is that they are interested in travelling, becoming social with the passionate personalities and to gain something from the ones whom they admire a lot.

Teach Photography Skills:

There is a need to have the beginner classes for the individuals who are residing in your area and telling them about the basics while transferring the love for photography. It is in fact the best way to learn more stuff, and you will also get an opportunity to become social by interacting with new people. So, don’t forget to see the tips by Nitin Khanna that will help you in taking photography as a profession.

Offering of online copies:

Everyone gets fascinated with attractive images. In this century, there are so many enterprises that are giving very high-quality images and that too at a common man price. Nitin Khanna helps in providing an online portfolio that every photographer is in need for. So, just make sure and learn to promote your business of photography.

Selling Images on distinct websites:

There is a need to see out the portfolio size of images on stock websites as these platforms collect bulk amount of photographs and sell out to different companies. But in return, a photographer earns a commission each time their picture is downloaded. The amount per download is dependent upon the platform, type of license and various other factors. In case of low cost there is a need to make up more amounts, so you should go in for quality rather than quantity.


So just remember one thing! Money never gives happiness, but in today’s era it will give independence.

Taking Up Photography As a Profession – Tips By Nitin Khanna to Help You!

Photography Tips

I, Nitin Khanna, settled in Portland, Oregan, was fortunate enough to have several brilliant and talented photographers who took me under them for showing me the new ropes. Without their valuable advice there is no way that I would have become the finest photographer, which I am today.

There are some tips that I’ve picked up over the years, which I want to share with you and what is essential to become a professional photographer.

Shoot Everyday: The best way to improve your skills is to practice, practice and practice. Shoot as much as you can for getting the best out of you and experiment your style. Spend hours and hours behind your camera. This can help you a lot!

See The Light: Firstly see from where the light is coming, and accordingly use it. Whether the light is coming from the sun or from an artificial source, use your camera accordingly to get the better picture than before.

Use Flash During The Day: Everyone uses flash at night time, but that’s not the case, if it is bright day outside and the sun is creating harsh shadows on your subject, switch on your flash.

Read Your Camera’s Manual: To get started with your camera the best way is to read the manual thoroughly to know the functionality in detail.

Set Goals: If you really want to know how to become a professional photographer, you need to keep up with reading and listening and participating and learning.

Get Your Subject To Relax: This is the main factor which professional photographers swear by. It is really beneficial to take out the time and make the person comfortable by interacting, which can lead to better photography.

Ask for Permissions: When photographing people, especially while in countries which have different cultures and languages, it can be very hard for a photographer to communicate. If you photograph someone you should go and seek permission first before photographing them.

Be Part of a Photographic Community: Be a part of the community where you can share your interest and work with other group members that offers feedback on how great you are going. You can learn new things that can help you in improving your technique, and can take your level of photography to the next level.

Now that you have a clear vision of photography through the above tips, I will prefer that you must experiment these. I can assure that it will be going to a very fun activity.

    Go forth and shoot!

Some Essential Tips by Nitin Khanna on How to Photograph Fireworks

Fireworks photography seems easy, but it demands a little preparation and thinking to get the best shots. I, Nitin Khanna would love to share few tips with you on how to shoot fireworks. Photographing fireworks require you to take complete manual control over the camera, so if you have never stayed away from auto mode before, now is the time to do it.

So let’s talk about a few things that you need to know about photographing fireworks before attempting it out…
1. Use a tripod

You will need a tripod to photograph fireworks. As you will be shooting in the dark and exposures are expected to be 10 secs or more, the camera must be placed securely so that camera movement does not ruin your shot. Also make sure that all the legs of a tripod are tightly sealed so they won’t slide. Even a little amount of slip can spoil the picture, so don’t take that chance.


2. Focusing 

If it is so dark outside that you cannot even see your hand, the easiest technique is to manually focus the camera to infinity. You will be far enough from the fireworks that once the lens is set to infinity, you can just set it there. One more thing that you can do is, shine a torch onto something about one third of the way and focus on that point.


3. Turn off the flash

Fireworks are so bright that using your camera’s flash won’t do anything to your shot. If you are using an SLR, lowering the flash and setting the camera to Manual mode will turn off the flash.


4. Playing with the exposure

It is easy to overexpose or underexpose your fireworks shots. If you think that your fireworks are too bright, try changing your settings to get a darker sky and crustier fireworks.


5. Use reflections

If you are lucky enough to be photographing fireworks near a water body, then reflections work really great.


6. Look out your location in daytime

If you want to visit a local fireworks display, then it is certainly worth casing the joint first! Observe everything earlier; you should know from where the fireworks are going to be released and where the crowd will be, as it will give you an impression of where best to set up.


7. Find a box or stepladder

If you are lucky enough to get on some higher ground to shoot, you are doing great; if not, you might find yourself trapped behind a crowd of viewers. To frame firework neatly at the base of your shot, you will definitely need your tripod extended to its full height.


So, these are some basic tips that can help you capture the best fireworks shots. And If you are looking to Create Starburst effects , you can read my article on Creating Starburst effects here.


Exposure – The Basic element of Photography by Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna Photography Tips

When photographers talk about “exposure,” we simply take it as the darkness or brightness of a photograph. It looks easy enough to take a photograph that is correctly exposed, but in reality it can be quite the trick.Read on the present blog to help get the right exposure with your camera settings. If you are reading this blog post, it possibly means that you currently shoot on the automatic setting or the Green mode of your camera. This implies that your camera entirely controls the exposure of your shot.

In automatic mode, your camera chooses an aperture setting a shutter speed, an ISO setting, and a host of other settings for you. Automatic can be a convenient option, but it seriously limits your creative ability to shoot a stunning picture.

All the elements (ISO, shutter speed and aperture or f-stop) of exposure work together and compensate for each other to produce a properly exposed picture. These basic elements of exposure balance each other to create what can be a very well exposed picture. Before we go on, let’s talk about what good or proper exposure means.


    Nitin Khanna Photography


It is important to remember that the exposure settings on your camera are tools for clicking the photos you want. There is no correct or incorrect way to get the photographs you want.ISO, shutter speed and aperture are like the three legs of a tripod, to use an appropriately photographic expression. As one of these factors varies, the others have to adjust to preserve and accommodate the right exposure. When your shutter speed is very fast, you have to allow more light through the aperture. This can be done by changing the f-stop. If you opt to alter the f-stop to decrease the depth of field, you then have to reduce shutter speed, so the appropriate amount of light gets to the sensor.

Something good about the digital cameras is that you can modify the ISO settings. In older times, you had to stick with the same speed setting for the full roll of film. If you adjust the ISO, just be sure to fine-tune the other settings to adjust for the increased or decreased light sensitivity.

    Now, as you know why it is so important to have control over the exposure, your next step should be to learn about shutter, aperture and ISO.

Street Photography for Beginners by Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna Photography

For me, street photography is not just taking photos; it is rather an art of capturing culture, life and humanity, in a candid way. It is a means to appreciate the beauty in the mundane, of seeing the world, and a way of discovering more peace, tranquility, and serenity in your life.Many photographers prefer to point their cameras in the direction of culture and people that they have never met before, over sunsets, landscapes and mountains.

The essence of street photography is about recording daily life and society on the streets. You get chance to practice it everywhere and you don’t essentially need to travel to take beautiful shots.If you haven’t done it before, then give it a try, as it is a ton of fun and is a very gratifying art form to practice.

Remember, your aim should be to capture humanity, emotion, and portray a person’s character. It takes time to master it, but with some patience and practice it is worthwhile.

1. Work the scene :I have seen many photographers making the same mistake of clicking just 1-2 photos of the scene, and then move on. You should take multiple shots of the scene, preferably 15-20, because the more you work the scene, the more likely you are to make a great shot. At times, a small difference between what is happening in the background, a hand gesture, or the eye contact of a person, is what makes the photograph.

2. Take photos for yourself :It is undoubtedly important to see other people’s perspectives and to pay consideration to the images that they like, but I focus on photographing for myself. Take a photo that you love, and don’t worry if others are not getting it. Street photography is still a niche genre because of which there are lots of people that aren’t accustomed with it. Be creative and have a good time. Take weird images, take ugly images, take personal images, and take risks with what you shoot. The more your images reflect your voice and what you like, the better your work will be.

3. Think out of the box :Great ideas and emotions can be represented through the simplest of scenes. Most people mistakenly associate the art of street photography with portraits on the street. You don’t always need to put people in frame, or capture interesting juxtapositions or fitting many people or different objects into frame. There are endless possibilities for all types of images with or without people. It may be tricky in some busy places, but take a walk down a quiet alleyway and look for the subjects that interest you.

4. Edit and sequence your photos :Editing is very important for your success as a photographer. Learn Lightroom, and learn to organize your pictures well. Spend a great deal of time reviewing, and narrowing down your shots, to the best of the best. Use collections in Lightroom to group pictures together, without moving their location on the computer. Over time, you will start to figure out which clicks are your best.

End Note
Street photography demands practice! The more you get out there, the more your eye will see the opportunities. Beautiful street photographs come from powerful ideas, captured in a simple manner.