About Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna started his photographic journey as a teenager in Oregon, Portland with a library book about basic photography and darkroom techniques, a secondhand 35 mm camera, and a black and white photo enlarger.He spent few years in attending the Fine Arts classes and working as an assistant for few local wedding photographers in Oregon, where he finally started to develop his own style and photographic sensibility stimulated by the constant flow of imagery he came across assisting, printing, viewing and creating.

Today, his work frequently appear anywhere from newspapers and magazines to product launching and textbooks. Nitin enjoys and understands the process of pictures creation. His approach to every project is very collaborative and his cooperative style engages the whole team with great enthusiasm, which results not only in exceptional imagery, but also in long lasting and creative partnerships.

His main working tools are: digital 35mm DSLR camera, manual and auto-focal lenses, digital / film camera of the medium format, studio lighting Bowens, Lightroom, Photoshop, Corel DRAW and many more.

As a photographer, travelling is an integral part of his life and for this reason he travels within the US and overseas as per the project requirement.Personality, perseverance and patience are all the essential elements of his profession, and he possesses all of them to get foot in the door.

About Nitin Khanna’s Work:

Nitin Khanna is working in Shelly fry photography from last four years. Specialized in professional head-shots and business portrait photography, Nitin Khanna feels comfortable in delivering the excellence to the world of business, performance, public speaking and many major corporate events. He has worked with Portland’s business people, speakers, authors and executive teams and specializes in making non-models feel comfortable and look professional. His stylistic professional business head-shots reveal his uniqueness and proficiency in photography.

Some of his core specialties are:

• Professional Head-shots

• Business Portraits

• Event Photography

• Custom Corporate Stock Photography

• Creative Training and Instructional Design

• Industrial Photography

• Design for Print and Web

• Information Architecture

• Professional photo styling

• Professional retouching

Other than this, he is also a Portland-based freelance commercial photographer who specializes in:

• Interiors and Architectural photography;

• Head shots / Business portraits;

• PR & Conference photography;

• Food & Product photography.

He is adept at working to clients’ briefs and provides creative input wherever required. He has effectively proven his abilities in compositions, lighting and post production in many projects. His great understanding of technical skills with conceptual ideas to create high quality photography is unique.